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Don't tell me the sky's the limit when there are footprints on the moon.

Everything’s going pretty well.

After an hour of pretty much just laying here & re-evaluating my life… I’ve come to the realization that everything’s perfectly fine right now.

Friday afternoon, went to Disneyland with the housemates. Got on so many rides in the time-crunch we had given ourselves. Putting that Disney pass to good use, too.

Friday night, drove up to West Hollywood & went clubbing with some of the greatest people. Let’s just say it didn’t turn out as planned, but I still had a great time. Good company & good vibes throughout the entire night, regardless of who I was with.

Saturday, I had work. I got to train 2 new employees & it felt good knowing what I was doing. For the most part, I know I’m good at my job. & finally got the hang of most of the things. It’s a great feeling. Also got a surprise visit from some friends. Those little things… I swear, always make my shift 100x better each time.

Got back to the apartment & was welcomed with some leftover Filipino food brought home by the roommate. I haven’t had much real food lately, so that was definitely heavenly in my mouth (that’s what she said?).

& now I just got an extra hour back because of daylight savings.

Is it sad to say that this temporary happiness will be washed away the day I go back home? Yeah, that’s just sad.

But let’s not think of that right now. Everything’s just fine. I’m gonna catch up on studying tomorrow morning. Clean my room. Idk. I’m in a somewhat good mood. I think I can sleep now.

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